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Senki Zesshou Symphogear

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Since the dawn of time, humanity has been threatened by the disaster called "Noise". When it occurs, people die, and there are no countermeasures. Except one... The top-secret Symphogear System, capable of eliminating Noise, has been deployed in Japan. Unknown to the general public, a pair of girls wielding Symphogears strive relentless to protect society from the ravages of Noise. It would surprise people even more to know that their protectors are none other than chart-topping singing duo "Zwei Wing", Amou Kanade and Kazanari Tsubasa. Tachibana Hibiki and Kohinata Miku are two normal girls just enrolling in Lydian Private Music Academy. There, they meet Kanade and Tsubasa and become involved in the struggle against Noise.

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