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Macross: Ai Oboeteimasuka?

Macross: Ai Oboeteimasuka?'s Synopsis

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Hikaru Ichijyo is a fighter pilot who lives onboard the Macross -- a spaceship that is under constant attack by the alien race Zentraedi and stranded light years from home. After rescuing pop star Lynn Minmay during an enemyraid, the two seem set for a whirlwind romance; but separated by fate, he finds himself in the arms of another woman. When it is discoveredthat Minmay\'s singing may be the only thing that can prevent a galactic war, Hikaru must set out to find her once again, and make the most difficult decision of his life: the love that got away, or the love he currently holds dear?

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Date Added: 7 months ago

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Status: Ongoing

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